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Shopping Guide for Wall Lights

A wall sconce is a decorated object attached to the wall of the room with an ornamental bracket that holds an electric light or candle. These wall lights are offered in various designs, sizes, shades, finishes and produce different effects with light. Following a few steps while buying wall sconce will make your shopping experience interesting and hassle-free. Let’s take a look at what all you need to focus on before buying wall light: Size of Wall Sconce The size range of the wall sconces starts from 4.5 inches to 17 inches wide and are offered in a variety of shapes, which get perfectly fit in tight spaces. Various Types of Wall Sconces Indo-Dan offers its customers the wide variety of wall sconces which can be utilized in the bedroom, foyer, dining room, living room, hallway, bathroom or office. These are attached to walls with different types of shades pointed up [...]

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Shopping Guide for Chandeliers

Chandeliers are one of the most important parts of entire home décor as it adds a lot to lift-up the impact of the entire interior and style of your home. The right choice of this decorative source can really drive a big difference in elevating the look and feel of your place. Here’s how to make the right choice pertaining to lighting for your home:- Diameter While purchasing chandeliers, the first thing one need to concentrate on is the size of the room and the chandelier. The size range of the chandeliers starts from 17 to more than 48 inches in diameter. Nowadays small chandeliers are growing in popularity to add style to the smaller area. However, for locations like a dining room and living area, medium-size chandeliers are so much in trend. Large chandeliers are often reserved for huge entryways or a formal large dining room. Usually, chandeliers are offered [...]

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Shopping Guide for Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are portable and can be easily moved from one place to another. Floor lamps enhance the overall appearance of your interior décor when chosen wisely in terms of size, shape, colour, designs, finishes and, so on. These are placed next to or behind the couches, beds, chairs, and tables also few could be utilized as Corner Lamps. Indo-Dan Lampshades offers a diverse range of floor lamps along with this detailed shopping guide to help you spend less time picking the perfect one for your place. So, if you have prerequisite ideas related to style, colour, material and finish in your mind, then you can begin your search and make yourself more familiarize with the world of light and shop the classy floor lamp here. Steps to be followed to make the right choice There are various essential factors that need to be focused on while buying floor lamps! First, [...]

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Indo-Dan-Soft & Hard Goods

It’s said that small things make a big difference and is completely true--when it comes to decorating your place. There is a huge contribution of that each decorative source which collectively derives a complete lasting and impressive look of your décor. Indo-Dan assists you in getting that perfect look by offering a wide variety of products in soft & hard goods category which include text, floral, foil, & embellished cushions, mirrors, candle stands and photo frames. All the above products are designed in-house by our well-informed team. We make all these products available in various designs, patterns and shapes which are being crafted by utilizing the best quality raw material. You can design complete room story with our offered range as we provide matching cushion covers and lampshades, also customizing services for the same as per your interior and preferences.

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What all need to be taken care while buying hanging pendants?

Hanging Pendants Pendant lights are conventional lighting components. Selecting hanging pendant lights as per your décor is very essential reason being the same add-on in both style and function. Indo-Dan offers a wide array of hanging pendants along with detailed shopping guide to help find the perfect pendant light.   Light Size of Pendants To select the right pendant light size, one needs to consider the purpose of the light and the location it would be placed. The range of pendant lights comes in size from 5 to 43 inches wide. Most of the pendant lights are offered with an adjustable chain or auxiliary rod so one can customize the hanging height as required.   Styles & Finishes of Pendant Lights The most common factor usually focused on while buying hanging lights is style. The style is very important as the same impacts the rest of the interior décor of your [...]

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How to opt for right lampshades

Size If you are planning to replace your old shade with a new one from our exotic offered range, you just need to follow a few basic steps to get the right one! First and foremost thing is size! To get the right dimensions, just measure the existing shade with a retractable tape measure or ruler. This will make your shopping much easier and hassle-free. There are various shades we have listed with a set of different measurements. These measurements are listed in inches: distance across the top diameter, bottom diameter, vertical height and vertical slant (if applicable)   Shade Fitting Further to elaborate it more, apart from the size & shape of the shade, lamp fitter is also an essential aspect needs to be taken into the consideration before buying the new shade. Fitter is used to attach the shade with lamp body.   There are various types of lamp [...]

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