Chandeliers are one of the most important parts of entire home décor as it adds a lot to lift-up the impact of the entire interior and style of your home. The right choice of this decorative source can really drive a big difference in elevating the look and feel of your place. Here’s how to make the right choice pertaining to lighting for your home:-


While purchasing chandeliers, the first thing one need to concentrate on is the size of the room and the chandelier. The size range of the chandeliers starts from 17 to more than 48 inches in diameter. Nowadays small chandeliers are growing in popularity to add style to the smaller area. However, for locations like a dining room and living area, medium-size chandeliers are so much in trend. Large chandeliers are often reserved for huge entryways or a formal large dining room. Usually, chandeliers are offered with an adjustable mechanism to customize the hanging height as per the requirement.


The taller chandelier requires the taller ceiling. An entryway chandelier-measuring from the bottom it should be hanged approx. 7 feet off the floor. Similarly, there should be around 30 inches from the bottom of the chandelier to the table top is must for an 8-foot ceiling dining room

Match the style with the theme of your Room

It is essential to ensure that the selected chandeliers should complement the theme of the room or the place. Recently, chandeliers in drums shades in combination with crystals are very much in vogue. There are various types of chandeliers Indo-Dan is offering at a market competitive price that would match the different themes of your place. To make your buying experience even easier, we have come up a few placement- specific tips below:

  • Choose colourful crystals dangling chandeliers for your kid’s room
  • Chandeliers made of faux or twigs antlers in the dining room will complement the entire style.
  • Antique glass sconce shades and distressed black or white finish will justify the theme of your beautiful room.

Types of chandeliers available in the market include Tiered, Candelabra, Crystal, Beaded, and Reversible Chandeliers; you can pick the one out of available range as per your requirement and preference