Floor lamps are portable and can be easily moved from one place to another. Floor lamps enhance the overall appearance of your interior décor when chosen wisely in terms of size, shape, colour, designs, finishes and, so on. These are placed next to or behind the couches, beds, chairs, and tables also few could be utilized as Corner Lamps.

Indo-Dan Lampshades offers a diverse range of floor lamps along with this detailed shopping guide to help you spend less time picking the perfect one for your place. So, if you have prerequisite ideas related to style, colour, material and finish in your mind, then you can begin your search and make yourself more familiarize with the world of light and shop the classy floor lamp here.

Steps to be followed to make the right choice

There are various essential factors that need to be focused on while buying floor lamps! First, you need to identify the purpose of buying a floor lamp for any specific space. If you want clear, direct and strong light that can be focused in any direction then don’t select lamps with one bulb on the unyielding frame.

Are you searching for something aesthetically pleasing or to enhance the lighting of an area?

The important consideration is the height of the lamp. Before picking the one for your place just ensure that you have taken proper measurement of the place where the lamp will be placed because very short floor lamp will not justify the purpose as a short lamp in high ceiling room would look too small. So, taking a proper measurement and then going with the appropriate one would be a smart move!

The selection of right lamp is primarily based on aesthetic preference; function is a secondary defining factor especially if you are purchasing floor lamp for your living room or master bedroom. Just visit our floor lamp section for various classy floor lamp options for your place and make your search count!